Flitz metal polish before and after horse trailer

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Get Results With Flitz Metal Polish

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Flitz does it all! But it really kicks butt polishing metals like: aluminum, chrome, and stainless steel. To get the best results using Flitz metal polish follow the following steps: Polishing Process First: Determine the extent of the oxidation on your metal. If you are working on Aluminum, Brass or …

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Polished Metal Wheel

How To Restore Metal With Polish

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We all want our metals to shine, but as many of you know a lot of effort goes into polishing something that is old and oxidized and making it look new again.  In this post I hope to help clarify and simplify the process of polishing metal for you.  Determine …

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Orange Flitz Buff Ball being used on a drill with hand

Flitz® Buff Ball vs. Mothers® Power Ball

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Usability & Durability – The Flitz Buff Ball has several distinct advantages over the Mothers PowerBall. For one, the material used by Flitz is superior. The Buff Ball is made from a cloth-like synthetic fabric called viscose versus the fragile foam material used by Mothers for their PowerBall. The material …

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Steve Hirte standing by 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 car waxed and polished

Car Waxed In 10 Minutes Flat!

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When I walk by the car wax in the store I automatically flash back to The Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi teaching his pupil the toilsome routine of waxing a car.  We all want to preserve our beloved cars from the elements, but no one wants to waste hours waxing …

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